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Email us at : [email protected] for questions, group rates and schedule a hands on Service Training Course for Maintenance and Repair of Source Equipment. This extra service session has limited seating availability, is custom made to your needs, and is in addition of the standard training fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does each course take?

Each course has a specific length requirement of 24 hour , or 32 hours. There is no limit on how much you can prepare for your Quizzes and Final Examination. The more you prepare, the better your understanding of the code will get, and you will finish it with more confidence.

How long do I have to finish it?

In short, as long as you need, up to a whole year. We suggest keeping a weekly progress rate of at least one lesson, but if you want to cram all of it in a week, that works too. You setup your own study pace and can repeat and review as many times as you need.  We understand we all have different schedules, and we want to make sure that you get the concepts right- No Rush, but don’t delay either. Lets get to study!!!

Is there additional Help to Study?

Yes, you can do the course at your own pace with the online resources. If you have questions, you can email them immediately to: [email protected]. If you need a deeper explanation of a concept, we hold regularly scheduled Zoom/Teams Meetings where we review questions, go over examples and go deeper into code application questions and exceptions.

I need more practice, What do I do?

Lets schedule some face to face time where we can chat directly, with no interruptions. We can book time for one-on-one interaction to make sure you get it done right. We can provide more quizzes with multiple choice questions, or use our  Quizlet platform for other teaching examples and exercises. Send us an email with your concerns at: [email protected]