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Direct reference to the NFPA99, NFPA55 and ASSE6000 Standard. With commentary and samples, directly from Committee notes.

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Featured courses are the Generalist (good for sales personnel and designers), Inspectors, Installer, Maintenance and repair. Inquire for custom made courses if you wish to include other certifications or need a custom made solution for your team that mixes different specialties or specific equipment and suppliers.

Certificate Renewal

Protected: 1013-Renewal Course to new Code updates

Renewal of Certificate to latest code


Protected: 1009- MedGas Fundamentals – Condensed


Protected: 1005- MedGas Maintenance and Repair (Spanish)


Protected: 1006-MedGas Inspector (Spanish)


Protected: 1007- MedGas Generalist (Spanish)


Protected: 1008-MedGas Installer (Spanish)


1001-6040 MedGas Maintenance and Repair (English)


Protected: 1002-MedGas Inspector (English)


Protected: 1003- MedGas Generalist (English)


Protected: 1004-MedGas Installer (English)

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These courses are the gateway to a better looking resume and better job prospects in the immediate future.

Angel Diaz – ASSE6050 Medical Gas Instructor 

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These courses  and Certifications will help you attain a better understanding of Medical Gases, Source Equipment, Alarms and will be a good foundation for your professional growth.

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We have been involved with Medical Gases, Source Equipment, Air Compressors and Vacuum pumps for over 30 Years.

We have a wealth of information to pass to the System Designers, Architects, Inspectors and Installers.

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Each Company, and its logo, is independently owned and operated. They are used as Original Equipment supplier whenever possible.

Let us know if you prefer a different brand or specification parameter and we will accommodate that request. 

This herein reference does not mean its affiliation or support on any given project.